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Kidding Around Yoga and Hooping Camps

Yoga and Hooping Camp will be jam packed with fun, laughter and lots of movement. It will provide a safe container for your child to build a healthy body and mind by doing age appropriate stretching, hoop dance, creative movement, mindfulness games, partner postures, yogi crafts, meditation and cardio. With continual practice, your child will improve balance, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, focus, self-esteem and so much more while having a lot of fun!

Kidding Around Yoga and Hooping Camp offers a complete, age-appropriate Yoga practice including breathing instruction, relaxation techniques, stretching and strengthening poses, and hoop dance practice, all using fun-filled music, games, and imagination. KAYAH secret is playfulness, keeping children motivated, excited, and moving. This is not your typical Yoga class. A KAYAH class gets children singing, dancing, skipping, marching, jogging, shaking, laughing, hopping, limbo-ing, and storytelling ALL while practicing Yoga to original Kidding Around Yoga Music.

There is a array of sweet topics that become the theme each day. Themes one can expect at KAYAH Camps are Gratitude, Self-Care/Love, Meditation, Acts of Kindness, Compassion and Sharing is Caring.
Each day the children will create a craft that compliments s the theme of the day. For example, during the theme of meditation, the children will create their very own Zen Garden with sand and rocks. (All Craft materials are provided)

Children will receive Hula Hoop Practice and instruction each day. They will learn how to control the hoop on and off body.
Hand Hooping will also be taught. Hooping for children The the last 45 mins of each day of camp will a Hoop Jam which parents are invited to join in the last 15 mins of our time together. Hula Hoops provided.

Benefits of Hula Hooping for Children:
Increases Attention Span and Perseverance
Hooping brings out a Playful Side making children feel happier and more alive
Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
Strengths the Core
Builds Endurance
Improves Flexibility of the Spine, Hips and entire Body
Increases Self-Confidence
Helps aid Digestion
Serves as an Aerobic Exercise
De-stressing- Can be very Meditative and Relaxing
Connects Body and Mind

Kidding Around Yoga classes are a unique opportunity to give your child skills that will provide a sense of balance, calm, and power for years to come.

For further information, contact Jenna at I look forward to sharing KAYAH with you and the little Yogis in your life!

About Miss Jenna:

Miss Jenna is an uplifting Children’s Yoga Teacher in the Austin area with a specialty in creating a soothing and fun space for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Her teaching style is gentle, and full of love and smiles. She believes that children perform best when they have a sense of freedom and choice. Having begun teaching children fourteen years ago in the public school system, she quickly witnessed the serenity that Yoga and Mindfulness bring to children of all ages. She spent seven years teaching Early Childhood where she implemented Conscious Discipline by Becky Bailey into her teaching repertoire. Her mission is to impact the lives of thousands of children in the Austin Area by talking about themes of rich topics like Gratitude, Self-Love, Acts of Kindness and Meditation.
At the end of the day at KAYAH camp, your little Yogi/Yogini will leave floating on cloud nine, and with lots of love in their heart!~

Get a glimpse into one of Miss Jenna’s classes in this CBS special:


4803 Edenbourgh Lane
Austin, TX, 78754
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Jenna Griggs
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9 am - 3pm
Tier 1: CLOSED  February 15th: $275 for the first child and $245 for each additional sibling  Tier 2: CLOSED March 1st: $310 for the first child and $280 for each additional sibling  Tier 3: $345 for the first child and $315 for each additional sibling 


6-8 years 9-12 years