Natural Crayon Making (ages 7-12) | Kids Out and About Austin

Natural Crayon Making (ages 7-12)

Learn to create your own crayons from nature!

The natural world isn’t just a source of artistic inspiration; its a source for all our art supplies also. During this exciting and hands-on class, students will be given a chance to experiment with natural beeswax and pigments in order to create their own set of unique crayons. Students will learn all about:

-How & why bees create & use wax
-How to find rocks that contain pigments
-Process wax & pigments for use in crayon making
-Different types of natural canvases found in nature
-Unique ways to use your newly created crayons

Each student will leave the class with their very own set of 6 natural crayons to take home and use for all their future artistic creations. Whether they’re coloring in a book, marking on a canvas, wood, stone or bone, these natural crayons will bring joy and excitement to anyone interested in the wonderful world of organic artistry.