Natural Paint Making (ages 6-12) | Kids Out and About Austin

Natural Paint Making (ages 6-12)

Learn to create your own unique natural paints from rocks and minerals found around Central Texas.

The natural world isn’t just a source of artistic inspiration; its a source for our art supplies also. During this exciting hands on class, students will get a chance to explore and practice ancient techniques of making natural paint from a wild landscape. Students will get to explore areas of:

-Different rocks that make paint
-Harvest and process rocks for paint
-Making water colors and oil based paints
-Make natural paintbrushes and other tools
-Create artwork using their new paints

Each student will leave the class with their very own natural painting kit to take home and use for all their future artistic creations. Whether they’re painting on canvas, wood, stone or bone, these natural paints will bring joy and excitement to anyone interested in the wonderful world of organic artistry.