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Nature Forts & Survival Shelters (ages 7-12)

Learn to create your own primitive survival shelter and nature forts during this one day class all about getting creative in the wild. (ages 7-12)

When it comes to outdoor skills, building forts and shelters is one that is instinctive to all children and if built properly can save your life. During this exciting day long class for children aged 7 to 12, we will learn all about shelter building and how to best use local materials harvested from the land in order to create nature forts and survival shelters. Each child will be guided by experienced outdoor survival instructors in order to give them the confidence in constructing their own unique shelters in the wild. We’ll explore:

-Locations for safety & material selection
-Safe primitive architecture & designs
-How to waterproof, insulate & keep warm inside
-Ways to decorate using nature & primitive arts
-Working together as a group for large shelters

In addition to the above, students will also be shown examples of modern tarp shelters and how to quickly and effectively warm up using just a candle and a poncho. This is a great foundation class for any child excited to start their outdoor adventures in the world of survival and primitive skills.