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A Pickle-tastic Good time at Picklesbugh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

By Meg Brunson

My daughter does not just love pickles - she's obsessed. Her 10th birthday party was pickle-themed and she's the first one to try any pickle flavored food or drink. She loves finding pickle clothing, stickers, and more. So when I learned about Picklesburgh - the annual pickle festival that happens every July in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we made sure to work it into our travel plans!

Parking was relatively easy - like any big city, there was plenty of traffic, but we were able to park in a garage just a short distance from the Roberto Clemente Bridge where the festival is held. 

The first thing we did was splurge on some balloons for the younger three and a shirt for my oldest - but, the balloons ended up being a bit of a nightmare and in the future we'll not make that mistake again. Being on a bridge, there was wind, and the kids' balloons were continuously bopping into strangers. Luckily no one seemed extremely mad, but it was a source of anxiety for me!

There was live music and a ton of food and beverage options - most (but not all) pickled - which was good, because not ALL of us like pickled, so there were a few options for the pickier eaters. Pickle flavored popcorn was a family favorite, and my oldest loved the iconic pickle-on-a-stick. My husband even gave a thumbs up to the pickle flavored moonshine! 

If you or a member of your family is a die-hard pickle lover, you can find out when the next Picklesburgh will be celebrated and start planning your trip at http://www.picklesburgh.com/!

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