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Anne Deane Berman, PhD
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NASA Award Winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE announces that the world’s first and only overnight Camp Half-Blood, Fandom Multiverses, and Harry Potter Sustainable Universe Camp is hosted by Sigma Pi Fraternity on the Cornell University Campus.  It is a summer overnight camp and academy destination for young creatives and scientists ages 11-17 who transform passion and potential into purpose, focused on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals through the lens of the fictional worlds of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other fandom multiverses. July 2024, Hosted by Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY www.campdemigod.org contact 650-283-5440.  

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Model United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Institute at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

International students (ages 12-17) will experience our unique NASA award winning program located on the campus of Cornell University in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York centered on innovation, mentorship, leadership and community-building.  EACH WEEK IS DIFFERENT: 80 campers will be selected for IN PERSON overnight Camp Half-Blood, a blend of world building through innovation, role playing, Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology and speculative fiction.  In addition to the Percy Jackson universe, students immerse in the World of Harry Potter Role Playing as Ambassadors & Delegates Solving Mortals’ Challenges to the Universe & Preparing to Succeed at the United Nations for a week for XGENS SDG INSTITUTE.  Learn about our 2023 Faculty.

Charter Bus transportation from NYC.  $195 application fee through this platform followed by a video call interview with the directors.  Remaining tuition starting at $1700 per week (sliding scale).  No child should be turned away due to the ability to pay full tuition.  There is a payment plan available. Scholarships are available.  

Parent Reviews (see more at www.campdemigod.org):  


"My son Colby adores Digivations, and I do, too! Steve and Anne Berman are brilliant, heart led scholar/teacher/mentors who know how to engage and challenge children to grow and learn and take responsibility for creating a better, stronger, kinder world. It’s nothing sort of life changing."   - Annie Arnoult, parent, April 2023


Excellent, knowledgeable and caring people and instructors. My daughter had the most wonderful time and made lasting friendships from all across the world. A definite must for any curious child with an active imagination and a hungry mind.  - Anders O.

My son attending Camp Half Blood a couple of summers ago, and it was the one camp he's attended that he really liked and wanted to go back to. The activities are creative and open-ended, and the campers enjoy some freedom and some structure: going on quests, playing board games, playing soccer or another sport some afternoons, doing creative writing, learning some martial arts, trying new art media, and being encouraged to make and play and imagine in all ways.  - Dana C.

  • The DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE programs are camper/student centric featuring programming where each youth, ages 11–17 will be able to pursue a wide range interests as they learn and apply new knowledge as part of quests and adventures, and include, among other topics, the sciences (artificial intelligence, biology, chemistry, genetics, commercial space, quantum physics); the arts, including fine arts, music including composition and theatre; humanities (ancient Greek history and language, anthropology, ethnography, linguistics, and creative writing); design thinking, physical, card, and board games such as capture the flag, D&D, Magic, Wizards Chess; and sports such as quidditch and gaga.​  
  • Facilities are top notch located on a unique college campus staying in an historic Fraternity House.  At the college, DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE offers multiple theaters/stages, dance and yoga studios, LEGO/robotics space, media arts space with Mac and PC laboratories, Innovation laboratory and Trading Room, fine art and music class rooms, art galleries and concert halls, science labs, college libraries, dining Hall, tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts,  archery ranges, Olympic size heated pools, and a beautiful lake all surrounded by forests.  Students sleep in air-conditioned doubles or singles.  All this located near Seneca Lake in quaint Upstate NY!
DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE is a camp and academy fusion where literary and media themes incorporating role play serve as the key vehicle for campers/students through which they learn about Ancient Cultures, Languages & Greece, Anthropology, Ethnography, the Arts including aural (music & composition & sound design) & visual (drawing and painting), Drama & Theatre including play writing, costuming, direction & production, Innovation & STEM subjects encompassing Advanced Computing and Materials, AI/VR, Biomimicry and Biotechnology, Commercial Space & Space Exploration, Design Thinking, Genetics, Intelligent Homes, Cities, Infrastructure and Transportation, Nanotechnology, Newtons Laws, Einstein’s Theories and Quantum Physics, Sustainability, Model UN & the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goal concepts along with a plethora of additional topics and subjects.



  • We invite you to apply with a $195 non-refundable application fee now, a portion of which is tax deductible.  Successful candidates will be notified on a rolling basis, that they are accepted, and final payments will be due no later than April 15, 2024.  Early bird rates Dec. 15.   Late applications will be considered, but space is limited.​
  • IN PERSON Starting with $1700 per week tuition (sliding scale based on an honor system) covers all traditional meals, housing, instruction, guest lectures, ImagineSTEM curriculum, mentoring, supervision, materials, and recreation fees.  This amount does not include transportation to and from the camp located 4 hours from NYC or Boston at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. We encourage parents to book Cornell's charter bus (www.ourbus.com) to transport your youth to campus.  NYC and Boston bus information will be provided upon request.
  • Other optional items that are included in tuition may be booked in our on-line registration system include semi-private instruction in Advanced Technologies (Creative Tech), Music Composition, Martial Arts, Fine Art, Film Making, Creative Writing, Group Innovation Seminars and ESL. Parents may purchase merchandise, such as deluxe sword & personalized costume materials, Camp Store Credit (to buy Drachmas: Greek Money), and more!  We are building an online store for print-on-demand apparel and merchandise.


Harry Potter Sustainable Universe at Cornell University

  • During Harry Potter Sustainable Universe, students will learn the chemistry behind potions; the physics of quidditch including Newton’s 3 Laws and Einstein’s Theories which will help them prevail; deciphering techniques and learning different languages to read the clues; traveling through multiverses/alternative universes and quantum tunneling allowing them to traverse walls at PLATFORM 9 3/4; wand making; and the language behind spells, and so much more. 
  • Of course, Hogwarts does feature rather unique creatures whose DNA could use a little tweaking requiring a review of genetics and the magical tools of the CRISPR realm. Remember Wizards Chess will be lurking about. Who will be the winner? 
  • The Model UN SDG Institute weeks will relate the Potter universe to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Camp Half-Blood at Cornell University

  • Following the adrenaline rush from the day's quests and busy slate of innovation and discussions of Ancient Greek history culture and mythology, both in English and Greek, followed by creative hands-on activities (art, music, drama), the nights will be spent keeping watch on the Camp, Demigod weapon making, combat training and deciphering clues for the next day. Capture the Flag and healthy desserts along with board games such as Magic, Dungeons & Dragons are followed by Cabin time and reading before sleep.  Another amazing part of the Camp after the claiming ceremony includes your demigod realizing their godly parent for the week where they discuss their quests, share common interests and create memories of a lifetime (laughter filled conversations under the stars and planets above is also part of the fun).
  • Camp Demigod based on the principles that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they look forward to sharing with other like-minded individuals who hold common interests.
  • DIGIVATIONS’ programs are robust, staffed by outstanding leadership, staff and counselors, and will include holistically selected cohorts of outstanding student campers.
  • Our NASA award winning programs open up exciting windows of interdisciplinary knowledge and opportunity which naturally motivates a connection between each person's interests and the broader world. They develop personal perceptions of how and why their lives matter, and how they can make a positive difference in their own community and the world.
As a participant in our summer program, youth have the opportunity to participate as a member of the DIGIVATIONS XGENS DELEGATION during the year at Harvard and Yale MUNs. Our Delegates receive reduced registration fees, preferred country matrix assignments and enhanced plenary/conference speaking.