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Excused Absence Comedy

Excused Absence Comedy is live Improv & Sketch comedy for kids and teens in Austin and beyond. ExAb's high-energy shows for families and all ages audiences at ColdTowne Theater are a hilarious way for comedy fans of any age to see live performances. Weekly classes and school break camps, taught by some of the most experienced teaching artists in town, are rooted in the "Yes, And" principle of Improv and empower students to collaborate, communicate, and create. Excused Absence is the youth program at ColdTowne Theater.

Excused Absence's Improv and Sketch Classes, Camps, and Shows are all about listening, saying yes, and then building something new from whatever was already there. The result is supportive, hilarious comedy. 

Founded in 2007, Excused Absence Comedy at ColdTowne Theater provides kids, teens, and families with access to comedy education and performance in Austin and throughout Texas. Our partnership with ColdTowne Theater provides access to trained performers and a direct connection to some of the country's most prestigious creators. 

Our approach to teaching is guided by the "Yes, and" principle of Improv, and our interaction with students is grounded in a dedication to student-led process. The creation of a flexible mindset and building a community of young collaborators gives participants the chance to grow as individuals and as artists. We are proud to host the only youth centered comedy festival in Texas, Excused Absence Fest, and have created a program that allows youth comedy troupes to train with coaches and enjoy an unusual amount of direct performance experience.

Our weekly and touring shows feature some of Austin's funniest adult performers and allow kids and families to participate in live performance first hand. Camps and classes are available for all levels, ranging from those working toward a professional career in performance to those simply interested in making some new friends and having some laughs.

The main thing though? It's fun. Come see us!


Excused Absence offers Improv & Sketch classes to kids and teens at ColdTowne Theater.